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Provider Networks

Building and managing effective provider networks is a foundation for managing cost and member satisfaction.  ATTAC Consulting Group (ACG) assists insurers, managed care organizations, ACOs, provider groups and other entities develop networks across the nation.

Our next generation leadership in payment models can assist to transform relationships to optimize alignment between physicians, hospitals and an payers.

Provider Network Development:

ACG’s network development team is one of the nation’s largest, contracting and developing high performance networks for new products, service lines or filling gaps in existing networks, in states across the country to support product development, expansion and marketability.

Our contracting teams have build Medicare Advantage, Medicaid (RFP LOI build and Post Award Contracting), LTSS and other networks for insurers and managed care companies.

In addition we’ve supported network development and management for provider systems and entities, ACOs and IPAs seeking to contract with payers or for government contracts.

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Provider Network Management:

Delegated Provider Oversight:  Delegated provider entities managing UM, Claims and MOC operations require oversight to assure they are performing their delegated services in accordance with plan and regulatory requirements, capturing data required and acting on it.   ACG consultants have developed leading oversight programs for delegated provider groups.

Provider Training: Provider staff training is critical to assure that physicians can efficiently and effectively render care and meet administrative and care management goals.  Let us assist you developing effective provider training programs.

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