As 2022 comes to a close, CMS has issued guidance on timelines for end-of-year enrollment and disenrollment activities. It’s imperative that Medicare Advantage plans—Part C and Part D—pay close attention to the prescribed dates to avoid incorrect or unnecessary enrollment transactions.

Critical 2022 dates your organization should plan for:

  • Oct 4: Plans can begin sending 2023 enrollment effective dates
  • Oct 7: October’s plan data due date
  • Oct 15: Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) begins
  • Oct 28, 5pm Eastern: Plan-submitted rollover transactions must be submitted
  • Nov 1: Plans receive Special Transaction Reply Reports (STRR) containing reassignment activities from CMS
  • Nov 2-3: CMS performs rollover processing
  • Nov 4: November plan data due date
  • Nov 7: CMS begins processing Transaction Code (TC) 75 and 78 again.
    • TC 75: Premium payment option change
      • Plans may submit only TC 75 changes between Nov 7 and Dec 2. Premium withhold changes submitted after Dec 2 will not take effect until Feb 1, 2023.
    • TC 78: Part C premium change
      • Plans should submit only TC 78 changes for beneficiaries who have elected optional supplemental benefits. CMS will apply the 2023 approved premiums to all other beneficiaries.
  • Nov 10: Daily Transaction Reply Reports (DTRR) contain transactions submitted on or after Nov 4.
  • Dec 2: December plan data due date
  • Dec 7, 2022: AEP ends

Has your organization started planning activities to align with these dates? If you need help getting ready to comply with CMS’ end-of-year activities, contact ATTAC Consulting Group to help keep your organization on track.