Every Medicare Advantage organization and prescription drug plan is required to contract with an independent auditor to conduct a CMS Data Validation Audit (DVA) each contract year. Whether you’re an existing plan or new to the DVA process, it’s imperative to select the right auditor. 

We know DVA is a mandatory, not-so-fun process, and the best part is when it’s over. If you’re looking for a DVA auditor this year, don’t just check the box. Here are four attributes to look for when selecting your DVA auditor:   

  • An efficient audit process that minimizes impact on your day-to-day business
  • An auditor that only tests and reports what’s required to CMS and shares every opportunity for improvement with you
  • An expert auditor with vast experience with CMS audits, and with the experience to know what’s important
  • A DVA that meets requirements and provides real return on investment  

At ATTAC Consulting Group, we use only Medicare Advantage and Part D reporting experts to perform your audit. As one of the original DVA auditors, we’re efficient and cost-effective. For a free proposal, contact us.