ATTAC Consulting Group (ACG) supports our clients implement large and small scale projects through our teams of experienced project managers with years of experience managing a wide variety of different engagements.

ACG’s Project Managers bring our clients years of expertise in managing:

  • Project Governance Design and Implementation

  • Project Plan Development

  • Critical Task and Milestone Identification

  • Resource Planning and Effort Estimation

  • Dependency Identification

  • Vendor Plan Integration

  • Risk Identification and Mitigation

  • Work Stream Planning

  • Reporting and Issues Escalation

ACG’s project management team brings key tools, techniques and experience to drive projects forward to achieve targeted and timely completion.  ACG can also step in to support troubled projects by rapidly assessing current status and guiding the changes need to put the project back onto its critical path.

We focus on results.  We engage with our clients to develop a project work plan that is achievable and engages critical stakeholders, project resources and vendors involved in each work stream.   For organizations that have an existing formal Project Management Organization (PMO,) we’ll work closely with tactical and day-to-day PMO resources to assure a collaborative and transparent management of elements of the engagement we support.