“Day 1” Is Always Closer Than You Think
Assure that You Are Prepared for New Business Line, Product or Service Area Launch

MMP Plans, Medicaid State Market Entry, LTSS, Dual Demos, Commercial product launch, each has their own unique and often complex operational, systems and interface, vendor, marketing, provider network and regulatory requirements.   Assuring that you are “ready” for “Day 1” operations takes detailed requirement evaluation, planning, scenario identification, transition assessment to support process build, validation and robust scenario and anomaly testing.

ATTAC Consulting Group’s team assists plans in assessing work plans, implementation, process testing, readiness and State readiness assessment preparation.   When launch success critical, contact ACG to discuss our readiness review evaluation and testing solutions.

State Audit Readiness

ACG supports Plans with planning and preparing for state audits, from Medicaid audits to provider access and adequacy and other forms of regulatory compliance audits.   We can assist you in preparing for and determining your readiness for audit.

Staying a Step Ahead: CMS Program Audits & ACG’s Program Audit Readiness Solution

A CMS Program Audit is a significant challenge for your Plan and your PBM to demonstrate compliance with CMS regulations; it’s like the pop quiz you know is coming. It’s a tough test…..

CMS Program Audits are conducted live and real-time, and conducted on short notice. A mock CMS Program Audit performed by ATTAC Consulting Group will prepare your plan and every member of your team for the challenge. We not only test your current compliance but also coach your team throughout the current audit process.

ATTAC Consulting Group’s mock CMS Program Audit applies the exact CMS audit protocols and testing. The audit is performed by Part C, Part D, SNP and Compliance experts in each audit domain, including clinical decision-making.

Why ACG? ACG is nationally known for our expertise in Medicare, ACA and Medicaid Operations and Compliance.  Our approach focuses on assuring that business process design considers “what happens if” scenarios and end-to-end process management to assure you are ready for “Day 1” and can meet regulatory requirements.