The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) reported an increase in Medicare beneficiary complaints associated with third-party marketing organizations (TPMOs). In 2020, CMS received 15,497 complaints related to marketing, and in 2021 there were nearly 40,000 complaints. CMS analyzed the complaint data and determined that two new requirements are needed for personal or individual marketing appointments.

What Changed?

For CY2023, Medicare Advantage Organizations, Section 1876 Cost Contractors, Prescription Drug Plans, and Medicare-Medicaid, including TPMOs, are require to:

·        Record all individual marketing and sales calls

·        If applicable, discuss required disclaimers, including TPMO disclaimer, that the agent/broker does not sell all products

Next Steps

Plans/Part D sponsors, including TPMOs, should incorporate the new requirements in their training and testing for CY2023 to ensure all agents and brokers that sell Medicare products (including employed, subcontracted, downstream, and/or delegated entities) fully understand the new requirements.

For more information, see the CMS CY2023 Agent Broker Training Testing Guidelines.

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