I used ACG for my organization’s Compliance Program Effectiveness (CPE) review. The team was professional and very knowledgeable about CMS audit protocols, guidance and regulations. They were thorough, prompt and very insightful in their feedback and recommendations.” – Medicare Compliance Officer, National PDP Plan

Get More Out of Your Annual CPE Review

CMS guidance states that Medicare Advantage and Part D plans should have a third-party annually review their Compliance program Effectiveness (CPE). CMS has noted a condition in plan Program audits when an annual third-party CPE review has not been completed.  When you want to do more than “check the box” and get a real return on investment from an annual CPE review, contact ATTAC to discuss our annual CPE review and audit.

ATTAC has performed CPE reviews for more than 15 years for large, medium and small plans. Our team provides insight and expert guidance on potential risks and how to develop and apply best practices, regardless of plan size.

CPE Annual Reviews Capabilities Brochure


ACG will work with your schedule to perform an annual CPE audit and review that includes:

  • Conducting an educational session with staff participating in CPE on CMS expectations and current audit focuses
  • Review of all CPE universes using our unique “bottom up” analysis approach, looking for gaps, potential risk areas and the “story” they tell CMS
  • Review of all supplemental questionnaires and documentation, providing guidance on gaps and/or areas to address
  • Conducting six tracer samples, based on your universe data and current CMS areas of interest and high risk areas. We also offer a three tracer sample option.

ATTAC’s CPE review reports provide your plan an assessment of how CMS will view your Compliance Program Effectiveness, and guidance and recommendations on specific steps to take to enhance the program and mitigate risk based on best practices.

Contact ATTAC for an Annual CPE Audit proposal.