Health Plans Operations & ServicesIn today’s healthcare landscape, it’s impossible to improve processes without making changes, some of which are transformational and include technology enablement.

Health Plan Operations

Our teams understand health plan operations. We bring knowledge of best practices that enhance the evolution of possible solutions, and we carefully consider the downstream implications of changes. This allows you to improve productivity, cycle times, and quality dramatically.

ATTAC ensures that the improvements that we recommend consider the following:

  • Targeted interviewing and focus groups to identify current-state and future-state activities
  • Identifying process bottlenecks and recommending changes that reduce or eliminate them
  • Analyzing and documenting process gaps and opportunities
  • Provide risk score for gaps and opportunities to identify quick hits based on high-risk
  • Development of future-state process maps, flow charts, documentation, and integration with existing learning management systems
  • Alignment of policies and procedures with regulatory standards and best practices
  • Implementation of end-to-end, future-state processes and solutions
  • Change management of people, process,es and technology

Our business and operations focus areas include: