Accurate eligibility is critical to success in all operational areas. If errors occur, all of your downstream processes are affected. Our eligibility and billing consultants are experienced in all areas of this important operational function. We’ve helped clients discover and fix enrollment errors and processes resulting in cost savings and increased member satisfaction.


ATTAC services in the enrollment area:

  • Eligibility and billing operational and technology assessment / remediation
    • Current state assessment and recommendations
    • Impact analysis
    • Development of action plan
  • Eligibility and billing operations training and oversight
    • Review procedure inventory and documentation
    • Review training materials and provide recommendations
    • Develop oversight/vendor management plan
    • Eligibility strategy and roadmap
  • CMS enrollment data validation
    • Provide identified discrepancies for MMR, billing and PBM/LIS
  • Medicaid eligibility support
    • Provide support in understanding / implementing policies from federal legislation, state decisions, and litigation that complicate Medicaid eligibility rules in most states
  • Commercial/ACA eligibility assessment and remediation
    • Review and support eligibility processes and procedures, including remediation of gaps