insurer health plan services

ATTAC has delivered solutions and provided support for many of the nation’s top 10 insurers, Blue organizations, regional health plans, special-needs organizations, specialty insurers, health systems, ACOs, and drug plans.

Founded in 2003, ATTAC Consulting Group has been recognized as a premier national consulting and auditing firm serving insurers, managed care and provider organizations on issues related to Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D, Medicaid, Duals Programs, ACOs and Health Exchange (HIX) products. We specialize in regulatory compliance, program development, business process engineering, auditing, and medical and pharmacy management.

We’re passionate about our industry and getting it right. We’re proud of our reputation among industry leaders to perform detailed operational analyses and to design and deliver rock-solid end-to-end solutions. Our clients count on us for expert regulatory advice, to implement robust compliance solutions and to perform efficient, expert auditing. Our medical and pharmacy groups guide organizations in adoption of new models to manage care in a cost-effective way.

As passionate as we are about our solutions, we’re also passionate about our team.  Each team member has demonstrated success in past operating positions within the industry or regulatory agencies. We combine that expertise with experience gained from years of problem solving for a broad array of clients. It’s an unbeatable combination.

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