ATTAC Consulting Group’s Medicare Part C and Part D Grievance and Appeals Training Manual Series translates CMS regulations into practical guidance for staff on management of grievances and appeals.

Our training series is used by plans across the nation to train all externally facing staff, grievance and appeal coordinators, and delegates.

ATTAC’s training modules can be used “out of the box,” or can be customized to incorporate your plan’s unique process and systems. They include extensive real world examples regarding identification and differentiation between grievances, coverage determinations and organization determinations.

Grievance Intake Point Training

  • Identifying grievances
  • Differentiating grievances from coverage determinations, organization determinations and appeals
  • Authorized representative requirements

Grievance Coordinator Training

  • Managing the grievance case
  • Case documentation requirements and best practices
  • Turn-around requirements
  • Beneficiary notices and how to properly write them
  • How to handle Quality of Care (QOC) cases

Appeals Coordinator Training

  • Managing appeals cases
  • Linking to original cases
  • Case documentation requirements and best practices
  • Turn-around and beneficiary notice requirements

Grievance Classification Training

  • Proper classification of grievance cases
  • Extensive real-life examples from years of grievance reviews