Health plan customers aren’t just your members. They’re also your providers, employers, brokers and vendors.

The key to engagement is to ensure that your customers have an ongoing positive experience, which will keep them aligned with your organization.


ATTAC’s team of process experts can help your plan examine and improve interactions with your customers by addressing:

  • Customer-journey maps to identify touchpoints, a process that spots friction points that can be eliminated or streamlined
  • Meaningful, in-depth reporting to understand customer behavior and help improve engagement, streamline processes and reduce costs
  • Critical communication strategies, both inbound and outbound
  • Capturing and acting on customer preferences, consent for digital communication and authorizations for data-sharing
  • Portals and apps to support self-service and access to information, for example:
    • Foundational:
      • Single or streamlined sign-on
      • Multi-channel approach
      • Secure communications (text, chat, messaging)
      • Role-based access
    • Member engagement:
      • Access to claims, prior authorizations, care plans, and medical history
      • Premium billing and payment processes
      • Apps which educate, help track and improve health status
    • Provider engagement:
      • Prior authorization requests and status
      • Claims status, member eligibility and benefit validation
    • Employer engagement:
      • Eligibility and billing processes
      • Utilization or other reporting
    • Broker engagement:
      • Eligibility, billing and commissions processes
      • Reporting