Select ATTAC as Your CMS Independent Validation Auditor (IVA) 

ATTAC Consulting Group is a top Medicare Independent Validation Auditor (IVA) selected by leading Medicare Advantage and Part D plans across the nation when an IVA is required following a CMS Program Audit. ACG will develop a custom audit plan, file it with CMS, and efficiently guide you through the Independent Auditor Validation process.

Corrective Action Implementation

ACG is a leader in assisting Medicare Advantage and Part D plans to develop and implement robust operational Corrective Action Plans to address deficiencies identified in a CMS Program Audit, Intermediate Sanction or state audit. ACG provides expert guidance, trusted resources, and solutions designed to ensure that issues do not occur again.

Leading Team of Auditors and Operations Experts

Our team of seasoned health plan and Part D pharmacy operations experts have assisted many Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial plans address compliance deficiencies identified by CMS and state agencies and developing effective Corrective Actions Plans (CAPs), with the implementation of revised business processes, controls, and oversight monitoring.

Corrective Action and Sanction Support

Independent Validation Auditor Brochure

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ATTAC’s team has extensive experience guiding plans in building robust solutions to issues requiring corrective action (ICARs and CARs). We have guided numerous plans in building solutions and in re-engineering to successfully resolve CMS CAP requirements and Intermediate Sanctions. ACG’s support and solution model incorporates:

  • Focused and immediate response to Immediate Corrective Action requirements
  • Thorough end-to-end root-cause analysis to build effective, lasting solutions
  • Drafting robust Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) that address agency concerns
  • Data Sourcing and systems updates to support business owners and revised processes
  • Effective business process reengineering and control design
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Training program development
  • Delegate, training, reporting, and oversight enhancement
  • Design and implementation of effective monitoring reports and processes and auditing programs
  • Independent Validation testing
  • Support for the development of effective documentation of outcomes to submit to CMS and state agencies

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Independent Validation Auditor

ATTAC provides IVA services to Medicare Advantage (MA) and Prescription Drug Plans (PDP) required by CMS to hire a third-party auditor to test outcomes of their corrective actions following a CMS Program Audit, or if placed in Intermediate Sanction.

We are recognized as a national leader in performing Medicare compliance and CMS Program Audits. Our IVA teams include Medicare Part C and Part D subject-matter experts who have audited Medicare compliance for years. Our audit systems and tools specifically address testing of correction of deficiencies identified by CMS.

We work closely with the plan to develop our audit work plan. The work plan covers required universes, sample sizes, audit period, and sample selection methods that target testing the corrective action outcomes required to be audited and reviewed with CMS prior to the audit.

ATTAC thoroughly tests the plan’s required universes, using our sophisticated CMS universe analytics engine.

We conduct the audit after the plan’s revised operations are in place and it is operationally “clean,” and focus on audit completion on a timely basis to meet the CMS’ required deadline to have Independent Auditor Validation completed with findings submitted to the agency.

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