ATTAC Consulting Group’s (ACG’s) licensure, application and regulatory teams provide in-depth expertise in submitting licensure applications, completing product line applications or RFPs and service area expansions.

ACG’s team supports a complete range of state and federal applications including:

  • State Licensure, including Life and Health, HMO and Knox-Keene licenses and filings

  • Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D, SNPs (Model of Care) and Duals Demo Applications

  • CMS Demonstration Applications

  • Service Area Expansions

  • State Medicaid RFPs and Program Applications

  • Federal and State Health Exchange (HIX) Qualified Health Plans (QHP) applications

Our experience and knowledge of what regulators expect to see in an application provide exceptional guidance at each step. And our team’s hands-on support will assist you in delivering a complete and comprehensive application.

Operational Start-Up

ATTAC Consulting Group provides project management and hands-on build-out of the core operational areas that will make or break a plan or product launch. Whether built internally or outsourced, managing key operational development is critical. ACG’s development teams guide efficient and compliant operations building in:

  • Claims management and provider systems configuration

  • Enrollment, reconciliation and billing

  • Medical management programs, Model of Care Development and Implementation

  • Network Development and Contracting

  • Grievance and Appeals Systems

  • Marketing Positioning

  • Sales Distribution

  • Customer Service Systems

  • Business Process Outsourcing selection, negotiations and implementation

  • Compliance Program Design

Interim Personnel

ACG can provide experienced and expert resources when you need interim staff to manage build-out or in initial “go-live” staffing.