With near-constant changes to regulations, keeping staff and business process up to date is a challenge for many organizations operating Medicare Advantage, Part D, Medicaid, duals, FIDA and Health Exchange (HIX) QHP programs.

ATTAC Consulting Group has developed a series of programs to support plans and training needs and methods for monitoring internal and FDR/contractor/delegate operations.

Grievance & Appeals

ATTAC’s grievance & appeals training is used by Medicare Advantage and PDP plans across the country to properly identify, classify and handle grievances and appeals in Medicare Part C and Part D.


Effective enrollment and reconciliation training can increase customer satisfaction and ensure all regulatory requirements are met.

FDR Oversight Monitoring and Auditing

Effective compliance programs require routine monitoring and auditing of FDRs and delegates. Our tools and staff training can be used in oversight of FMOs, UM and claims delegates and more.

Focused Training on CMS Common Conditions

  • Plan directed care
  • Inadequate denial letters
  • Failure to administer transition policy
  • Misclassification of inquiries, grievances, appeals and Organization Determinations (ODs)
  • Failure to review OIG and GSA sanction lists
  • Ineffective compliance programs
  • Insufficient outreach