Is your organization launching a new plan or expanding a service area? Put ATTAC Consulting Group’s experience to work to bring your strategic product development to market.

Our experience and knowledge of what regulators need to see, exceptional guidance at each step of application and organization development will position you for success.

Product Strategy & Readiness Assessment 

Organizations require thoughtful strategic review and assessment about whether to enter, expand or exit a business or product line, and to effectively position themselves within the market.

Start-Up, Build Out & Launch

ATTAC can guide you and provide an experienced team to assist your with start up:

  • Implementation and build out work plans
  • Administrative vendor contracting
  • Systems selection and configuration
  • Enrollment, claims and medical operations development
  • Marketing plans

Medicare Advantage & Part D

A Medicare Advantage plan or Part D benefit is more than a product line. Launching and operating a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D drug program requires focus on the unique details, including operational and compliance requirements of the program, both for the plan itself as well as monitoring its subcontractors.

Licensure, Applications & Product Launch 

From state licensure and application to start-up development, ATTAC supports development of Medicare Advantage, Part D, HIX QHPs, Dual Demos and more. We know what regulators are looking for and are experts in plan development.