Stay a Step Ahead: CMS Audit Universe Testing and Analytics Service

ATTAC is nationally known for our expertise in Medicare Program Audits, CMS Universes and Independent Validation Audits. We are exacting, precise and timely.

CMS Audit Universes are a challenge. The last thing you want to do is to be testing data when you get a CMS audit notice or when you receive notice to provide universes for the annual Industry Wide Timeliness Monitoring program. Not only will you not know what that data will actually show CMS, but you also may risk an Invalid Data Submission (IDS).

ATTAC resolves the CMS Audit Universe challenge. ATTAC clients find Universe Testing, Timeliness and Analytics allow them to test and unpack information that provides business owners and compliance teams invaluable information on performance. Contact us for a universe testing proposal

ATTAC’s Universe Testing, Timeliness and Analytics Service

  • Universe and Field Data Validity Testing and Anomaly Identification
  • Full Timeliness Calculations Across all Phases of Each Case Type, with break-outs for FDRs
  • Cross Table Case Data Analysis
  • Call Log Analysis
  • Optional Case Validation Reviews

ATTAC’s Universe Testing, Timeliness and Analytics Service

We use a sophisticated and proprietary universe analytic system that can handle millions of rows. We offer periodic and routine “subscription” universe data testing and analytics including:

Table and Field Data Validation:  We test and validate all fields in each universe for data types, logical consistency, duplicates, data exclusion requirements and more.

Full Timeliness Calculations: We calculate and report on timeliness for stage in the case including IRE forwarding when required.

Cross Table Analytics: Our analytics cover a wide range of potential cross table data issues, testing for validity, proper inclusion and exclusion.

Call Log Analytics: We mine your call logs to evaluate proper case handling and classification.

Optional Case Validation Reviews: We review cases contained in the universe through webinars, based on our targeted sample selection methodologies.

ATTAC’s Universe Testing and Analytics Service provides detailed reports on data issues and performance, providing you insight into both plan and FDR performance.