ATTAC Consulting Group specializes in operations performance auditing, Medicare, Medicaid and ACA compliance audits, data validation, HHS RADV and other state audits.

Our experienced audit managers and proven audit processes are focused, targeted and efficient. Our audit reports provide plans significant return on investment.

Compliance Auditing & CMS Medicare Program Audits

Routine compliance auditing has become a best practice for successful plans. Our mock CMS Program Audit and CMS Universe Testing services help you achieve a higher level of compliance accurately testing your performance and readiness for a CMS Program Audit.

CMS Medicare Independent Auditor Validation IVA

Medicare plans need an Independent Auditor Validation (IVA) of corrective actions following a CMS Program Audit or Intermediate Sanction. ATTAC is a national leader in performing CMS Independent Auditor Validation.

Delegate FDR Auditing and Audit Tools

CMS holds Medicare Advantage and Part D organizations accountable for the compliance of their first-tier, downstream and related entities (FDRs).  ATTAC can rapidly increase your oversight reach for these delegates.

Internal Monitoring & Auditing Programs

Effective compliance programs require building internal monitoring and auditing across the organization. Our compliance team can guide you in building an effective program.

Market Conduct Examinations

Protect your plan from the financial and reputational damage related to poor Market Conduct Exam results. ATTAC Consulting Group helps ensure your plan is ready at any time for an examination.

ACA HHS-RADV Initial Validation Auditing (IVA)

Plans operating individual and small group commercial plans covered by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) require an annual HHS Risk Adjustment Data Validation (HHS RADV Initial Validation Audit or IVA) audit to be performed. We are a leader in IVA Auditing with deep expertise in enrollment and risk adjustment (RADV) auditing.

Operations  Assessment and Performance Auditing

Operational audits increase business process efficiency, enhance accuracy, streamline processes and increase profitability. ATTAC’s operations experts can lead the way.

Regulatory Reporting & CMS Data Validation Audits

Medicare Advantage Organizations and Part D plan sponsors are required to undergo annual third-party Data Validation Auditing (DVA).  ATTAC is a cost-effective Medicare DVA auditor for MA and PDP plans.

Readiness Assessments

Plans launching new product lines, entering new states, facing state or federal readiness review, or planning significant year-over-year changes benefit from a third-party conducting a readiness assessment before program launch.  ATTAC Consulting Group performs readiness assessments for Medicare, Medicaid and ACA commercial plans.