Medicare Advantage and Part D Data Validation Audit Experience and Efficiency

Medicare Advantage organizations and Part D Plan Sponsors require annual third-party Data Validation Auditing (DVA) to test their Part C and Part D CMS reporting.


ATTAC Consulting Group (ACG) is one of the nation’s leading CMS Part C and Part D Data Validation Auditors. As a firm serving Medicare Advantage (MA) and Part D Plans, ACG navigates the systems, data sets and CMS reporting every day. This experience allows us to conduct an efficient and accurate DVA audit of your Plan’s Part C and Part D reporting.

Focus & Efficiency

ACG’s DVA audit will thoroughly test your internal data as well as that of your PBM and other delegates.

But getting the numbers right is only part of the story. ACG uses a proven audit framework and process that is focused and targeted, keeping the audit streamlined. Because we work with most major PBMs, we are extremely efficient in testing Part D data and reporting. Our audit teams start early, lead you through the process, and keep you informed all the way through. DVA isn’t painless, but we will make it as efficient as possible.

ACG Qualifications

ACG meets CMS DVA auditor standards in Part C and Part D experience, systems expertise and data security. We have years of experience and have performed hundreds of audits in the Medicare Advantage, Part D and Medicaid realms.

ACG’s clients count on the fact that every member of our audit team is a Medicare subject matter expert with specific, hands-on operational experience in the areas they audit. It’s this expertise that provides ACG’s ability to effectively gauge whether observed variances are material or immaterial to CMS’ reporting goals.

ACG’s Data Validation Audit Programs

Pre-Audit Testing and Reporting Remediation: ACG provides pre-audit testing and mock auditing across any of the Medicare Part C and Part D reporting domains. We can also help you remediate and improve reporting. ACG can also assist with developing documentation of your reporting activities to support the DVA audit.

Official DVA Auditing: ACG is a cost-effective DVA auditor with an efficient process that will guide and move you through the Data Validation audit from the outset.

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