ATTAC Consulting Group is nationally recognized as an expert in regulatory interpretation, design and operation of effective compliance programs for Medicare, Medicaid and commercial health plans, Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs), ACA plans, ACOs, and IPAs, medical groups, dental and vision plans.

Compliance Programs, Risk Assessment and Monitoring

Effective compliance requires building efficient business process controls, internal operations monitoring and auditing.

Compliance Auditing

ATTAC offers unparalleled expertise performing and preparing plans for CMS Medicare program audits, financial audits, Medicaid audits and more.

Corrective Actions & Sanction Support

Our knowledgeable compliance team has extensive experience with various forms of corrective actions. 

Delegated Entity and FDR Oversight

ATTAC provides expertise and resources to improve monitoring of your downstream delegates and contractors, including outsourcing of delegate auditing.

Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Fraud, waste and abuse monitoring requires taking steps to minimize both internal and external risks.

Mental Health Parity & Compliance

Full-spectrum support to meet your plan’s Mental Health Parity needs.