Drive Member Satisfaction, Engagement & Loyalty With Provider Access & Availability Surveys

Provider access and availability surveys are critical tools for health plans to meet regulatory and contractual requirements, control costs, and improve quality of care.

ATTAC helps plans go beyond survey data to offer concrete advice on how to correct gaps and ultimately elevate member satisfaction.

We support all provider-related activities for managed care organizations and health plans, health systems, accountable care organizations, clinically-integrated networks, independent physician associations and large provider groups.

We’re experts in network strategy and development, network operational effectiveness and compliance.

Our flexible approach helps meet the needs of clients in commercial, Medicaid, Medicare, special needs, and workers’ compensation programs across the United States.

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We help plans:

Improve scores beyond just the exercise of measuring

Drive year-over-year results through provider education

Capture detailed, actionable provider data to fix root-cause access problems

Case Study | Provider Access & Availability Surveys

How ATTAC Helped a Large Plan Increase Member Access to Timely Care

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Provider access availability surveys challenges


  • Survey results indicated that members experienced significant barriers in accessing timely care and that the problems had persisted for several years
  • Provider data was housed in multiple systems throughout the organization
  • Survey results showed volume of compliant and non-compliant providers, but did not identify invalid or inaccurate provider records
  • The plan identified 40% of providers with invalid provider data, which caused members to experience delays in care
  • The lack of a root-cause analysis prevented development of an action plan to improve access to care
Provider Access Availability Surveys Approach and Strategy


Using multiple outreach tactics, ATTAC identified every provider to:

  • Develop outcome scenarios and identify access and availability results vs. invalid data
  • Provide standardized results for reporting and analytics to identify trends that could negatively impact member access to care
  • Identify outcomes based on types of invalid data, which allowed the plan to update its provider directory
  • Conduct outreach and obtain corrected provider data
  • Contact providers about education needed and identify ways the plan could help improve access to timely care


ATTAC’s solutions helped the plan:

  • Identify the top barriers, e.g., 18% of providers were unaware of requirements prior to ATTAC’s education outreach, and 34% of providers had inaccurate data
  • Increase member access to timely care by 20%
  • Increase access to providers after hours by 16%
Provider access and availability surveys

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