Since the Affordable Care Act passed, state Medicaid programs have undergone a seismic shift. Medicaid is covering new populations, and states are launching demonstration programs like Health Homes, FIDA Duals, LTSS and Integrated Care programs and more. Traditional Medicaid plans are also launching into the Exchange (HIX) and commercial market to reduce enrollee churn.

Medicaid health plans and managed care organizations (MCOs) have tremendous opportunities, but with those opportunities come ever-greater challenges to improve health outcomes, manage costs, manage complex operations and respond to greater regulatory burdens.

ATTAC Consulting Group (ACG) provides targeted services to Medicaid plans and MCOs to manage the transition:

Application and Program Development

  • Network Development and Contracting for traditional, LTSS and Other Medicaid programs

  • Demonstration Project Participation RFP (FIDA and others) – Learn More

  • State and CMS Readiness Assessment Preparation – Learn More

Medical and Pharmacy Management

  • Model of Care (MOC) Development and Implementation – Learn More

  • Behavioral Health Integration

  • Clinical Pharmacy, Formulary and Specialty Drug Management – Learn More

Operations and Administration

  • Managing Requirements for Medicare Advantage Duals, MMP and FIDA Plans – Learn More 

  • Managing Complex Exchange (HIX) and Commercial Operations – Learn More

  • Enhancing Enrollment and Reconciliation Operations – Learn More

  • Enrollee Materials – Learn More 

Compliance and Audit

  • Meeting New State and CMS Regulatory Requirements – Learn More

  • Enhancing Accuracy of Plan Reporting – Learn More

  • Compliance Testing and Auditing – Learn More