In the data-driven regulatory world accuracy is imperative.

ATTAC Consulting Group provides data validation audit support and expertise across a broad range of regulatory reporting and data validation services. We support Medicare Advantage and Part D plans, Medicaid plans and Qualified Health Plan (QHP) issuers.

Medicare Data Validation Auditing

Medicare Advantage organizations and prescription drug plan sponsors require an annual third-party Medicare Part C and Part D Data Validation Audit (DVA) to test Part C and Part D reported data.  ATTAC is a national leader and specializes in performing DVA audits, and our audits are efficient and cost effective.

ATTAC supports Medicaid health plans with:

  • Encounter submission validation and testing
  • Evaluation of internal tie-out and testing processes

QHP Reporting

It’s imperative that plans test and validate data capture, selection criteria and output of their reported data. ATTAC assists with validation of data capture and reporting across:

  • Quality reporting metrics
  • CMS-standardized reporting across enrollment, complaints and grievances, appeals and other required reporting
  • Edge server data