Evolving at the speed of healthcare

ATTAC Consulting Group (ACG) places focus in every engagement on detailed, independent review and accuracy to drive our guidance and ensure that our solutions are robust, compliant and expertly guide our clients as they adapt to the ever-changing healthcare industry and regulatory environment.

When operating within a highly regulated industry, every detail counts. Whether the need is to ensure end-to-end implementation of mission-critical business strategy, redesign medical or pharmacy management, reengineer business operations, conduct performance reviews or prepare for new and upcoming state or CMS requirements and audits, ACG provides the expert resources that our clients trust to assist them achieve measurable business results.


ACG specializes in validating operational performance, regulatory compliance and data auditing. Our expertise covers federal Medicare, Medicaid, HIX QHP and state regulatory requirements. ACG’s experienced audit managers and proven audit processes are focused, targeted and efficient. Read More.


With near constant changes to CMS regulations, keeping staff up to date is a challenge for many Medicare Advantage, Part D, and Exchange (HIX) QHP requirements. ACG has developed a series of tools to support plans’ training needs, taking the pressure off of internal teams and ensuring staff is educated on all facets of regulatory requirements. Read More.

Operations and Performance

ACG’s experienced team of experts can help you manage and assess current operational business processes, systems, medical and clinical pharmacy programs and quality programs, as well as support operational development and rollout to support new products.  ACG has guided plans with solutions in enrollment and claims operations, IT systems, pharmacy, grievances and appeals, marketing and customer service and more. Read More.

Government Partners

ACG is the right-fit partner for program development, oversight monitoring and auditing support for state and federal regulatory agencies. Whether you’re looking for expertise in program development or to guide and conduct oversight reviews, ACG provides broad expertise and resources to support review of health and drug plans, Exchange (HIX) QHPs operations and other healthcare organizations. Read More.