CMS has initiated routine program audits by sending engagement letters to Medicare Advantage organizations, prescription drug plans and Medicare-Medicaid plans.

Are You Audit-Ready?

If your plan receives an engagement letter, are you prepared to respond within 15 business days, or do you feel nervous and hope you won’t be selected? CMS program audits are a high-stakes, all-hands-on-deck exercise that involves short timelines, rigorous protocols and significant risks.

Be Proactive

It’s critical to routinely assess your compliance and practice audit readiness. A mock CMS program gives your plan an opportunity to evaluate current performance and work out the kinks to achieve a successful CMS Program Audit.

If you need assistance preparing for or responding to a Program Audit notice, ATTAC offers a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • CMS audit universe testing & support
  • Tracer file development & support
  • Compliance Program Effectiveness (CPE) assessment
  • Staff training, coaching & audit readiness
  • FDR oversight & audit readiness
  • Responding to & remediating ICARs and CARs
  • Independent Auditor Validation (IVA)

ATTAC’s Medicare compliance experts have conducted hundreds of audits and readiness assessments across the industry and different-sized plans, relying on our knowledge, regulatory insights, and audit efficiency. Contact us for assistance navigating your 2023 CMS Program Audit.