Are you prepared for your health plan’s next big project? Do you have the skills and time to tackle the project? As you consider these questions, here are five key considerations that contribute to the success of any project.

1. Ensure that everyone understands the project or program

You’ll need to develop a well-defined charter to articulate the scope and details, then communicate with key stakeholders to explain the project, outline goals and objectives, and define roles and responsibilities. Up-front and ongoing communication allows for a clear understanding of scope across the organization.

2. Risk management planning

Every program or project has inherent risks, and it’s essential to develop a plan to manage those risks. When you create a risk identification and mitigation process at the outset of the project, it allows your experienced project team to jump in and mitigate risk quickly. Your project manager should be equipped with tools and techniques to identify and manage risks.

3. Project schedule

Overall project timelines and milestones may be driven by factors outside the project team’s purview. It’s a best practice to meet with teams so they understand the timeline and steps required to deliver a successful project. Be sure to include tasks, start and end dates, assignments and budget. As the project moves forward, the schedule will change as the scope is refined, and budget and resources are managed.

4. Communication, communication, communication

A thoughtful communications approach ensures that all stakeholders, internal and external, get the information they need when they need it. Communication should be clear, consistent, targeted and relevant.

5. Closely monitor the project plan

Unless it‘s monitored and managed, a project plan is merely a document. When you monitor milestones and employ an approach that supports scope management, clear communication and expectations, you allow for any needed adjustments to ensure on-time, on-budget projects that meet business needs.

Regardless of the type or size of your project, ATTAC Consulting Group’s experienced business transformation consultants can offer guidance and support. With a focus on technology enablement, our team brings decades of project and program management expertise to all aspects of health plan operations across all lines of business.