Just beginning: We’ve talked about making a plan, but we haven’t really started yet.


Have a plan & working on executing: We’ve developed a plan but haven’t executed yet — we’re working on how & when to implement.


Assessing our current plan for improvement: We’ve recently implemented our plan & are monitoring & assessing progress.


Like what we’ve implemented so far & thinking about next steps: We’ve been doing this a little while & like what we’ve done so far — we’re contemplating the next phase & how it should evolve.

How ATTAC Can Help In Your Journey

  • Develop a vision for improving health disparities & population health outcomes
  • Complete a gap & needs assessment
  • Formulate an implementation plan
  • Establish a long-term governance strategy
  • Utilize flexible project management approaches able to shift with changing plans & priorities
  • Develop robust member, provider & community partner engagement strategies
  • Design & develop comprehensive routine reporting to enable continuous assessment of performance
  • Tie together finance, health & quality outcomes
  • Execute program adjustments to improve outcomes
  • Maintain engagement through continual training & corporate development internally
  • Modify programs to meet new requirements & expectations
  • Stay abreast of current developments in the industry