HCCA’s Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week is November 6-12, 2022. During the week, compliance professionals nationwide will promote their compliance programs and celebrate successes.

Wondering what your focus should be for Compliance Week? We recommend keeping it simple. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Celebrate your good work by sharing compliance program improvements.
  2. Improved trends for compliance program metrics (e.g. timely completion of corrective action plans, timely completion of annual compliance and fraud, waste and abuse training).
  3. Completion of remediation activities for the compliance program (e.g. annual CPE audit findings, CPE self-assessment findings, or CMS program audit (CPE) findings).
  4. Implementation of new or revamped facets to your compliance program (e.g. FDR oversight program).
  • Recognize your compliance staff.
  • New staff members
  • Staff promotions
  • Certifications earned
  • Conference attendance
  • Focus on 2022 hot compliance topics.
  • Quantitative data-drive approach to measuring program effectiveness
  • How to improve your CMS program audit score for compliance program effectiveness
  • Highly effective FDR-focused oversight programs

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