CMS is stepping up its oversight and enforcement related to sales tactics and marketing materials. 

Quick identification of root causes, connected events and remediation plans is essential to get ahead of any problems that may arise.
ATTAC Consulting Group is prepared to help you launch an Investigations resource group to target each sales or marketing CTM, and any related cases that may be connected to the same broker, agency or advertisement. 

In a recent memo* CMS stated that it’s concerned about marketing practices of all entities, including third-party marketing organizations. After reviewing thousands of complaints and audio calls, the agency identified numerous issues with information that’s confusing, misleading and/or inaccurate. CMS conducted secret shopping activities which revealed that some agents are unduly pressuring beneficiaries and failing to provide accurate information.  

Have you prepared a monitoring and review plan that encompasses the latest guidance? Here are three items to keep in mind: 

  • Are you reviewing a sample of recorded calls to look for bad actors?
  • Do you have the resources to conduct multiple investigations simultaneously?
  • Do you have a secret shopping strategy to find problems before CMS?

Be prepared. CMS is moving quickly to put oversight and enforcement actions into place. Contact ATTAC to learn how we can help you prepare for greater CMS scrutiny.

*CMS Monitoring Activities and Best Practices During the Annual Election Period. October 19, 2022