Invalid provider data causes directory inaccuracies and may lead to access-to-care issues. Invalid data may negatively impact your plan’s quality scores or cause your federal and state provider network reporting to be misaligned with provider directories. ATTAC Consulting Group helps solve common drivers of provider data inaccuracies.


ATTAC Solutions

Our guidance will help your plan improve workflow and reduce provider data inaccuracies, including:

  • Develop outreach campaigns for higher response rates. Includes assistance with recommended quarterly outreach to providers and additional outreach campaigns through various channels (emails, faxes, newsletters, provider portal).
  • Implement provider “clean-up” projects. We perform audits to determine inaccuracies and correct provider data. We collaborate with your existing vendors and compliance department to create a seamless process. Our tools streamline your health plan’s provider-delegated rosters to capture accurate information and increase accuracy.
  • Provider education outreach. Provider education can increase the response rate and encourage providers to update information with your plan.